How much is that doggie in the window?




There is a reason dogs are known as "man's best friend." They are extremely loyal, compassionate and incredibly soft and snuggly. They're excellent running (or walking) buddies, and can provide hours of laughter and entertainment. Are you sold yet? Good.

Since my husband thinks that four pets is plenty and won't let me get anymore, I hope to live vicariously through the rest of you as you go adopt these adorable furballs. This Saturday and Sunday (June 11 and 12) the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (610 Abbott Lane) is having Doggie Discount Days. All dogs and puppies are only $50 to adopt. Plus, when you adopt, you're "really saving a life," says communications manager Erin Carroll.

If I could, I would adopt Jasalin, a 3-month-old spayed female, brown pit bull terrier mix; Suni, a 2-year-old Australian cattle dog and German shepherd mix; Blizzard, a 7-year-old American Eskimo; and — OK, who am I kidding? I would adopt them all.

You know you want Blizzard too.

Carroll's favorite dog right now is Turk, a 7-year-old Vizsla who still acts like a puppy and loves to snuggle. "He's by no means an old dog," she says.

Before running down and grabbing up the most adorable puppy you can find, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Though these doggies love everyone at the Humane Society, they want forever homes, and don't want to come back. Check out this page on their website for guidelines on how to choose and care for your new furry baby.

Once you've discussed it with your family and decided that adding a dog to your family is the right choice, you can visit the website again and look at all the dogs they have available. If you see one that you like on the website, you can call and arrange for you and your family to come in and meet the dog to make sure it will be a good fit for the family.

"We encourage people to bring all of their family members that live in the household, so they can make sure it feels like a match," says Carroll. You can also just stop in to meet all of the dogs before making your decision.

Once you have chosen the right canine companion, you fill out some paperwork and meet with the adoption counselor. If there are any special needs or behavioral issues, the counselor will advise you on how best to care for that pet. Then you can take your new furry friend home.

All dogs go home with a voucher for a vet exam, required vaccinations, a license and a microchip.

Most of the dogs and cats at the shelter are already spayed and neutered, but if you fall in love with one who isn't, there is also a refundable $50 deposit required to adopt that pet (you'll get the deposit back when you return with the pet for its spay or neuter).

June is also Adopt a Cat Month, so while you're getting your new dog, you might as well pick up a feline friend, as well. You will receive a free collar and tag when you adopt a cat this month.

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