Cook steps down from regulating MMJ to consult



Matt Cook
  • Matt Cook

Michael Roberts at Westword is reporting that Matt Cook, director of enforcement for the Colorado Department of Revenue, is stepping down. (See our profile of the director here.)

So why is he leaving? "I'm at the point in my career where it's no longer economically feasible for me to be employed," he notes, chuckling. "I have to give them money to stay employed. That's how PERA works.

"I'm in what's called an SESS position — Senior Executive Salary Service," he continues. "It's an annually appointed contract position that reports to the cabinet. There are, I believe, seventy of them statewide that were all announced at the same time. And because of the economics, I did not reapply for my job."

That report says that Cook will use his experience with the industry to assist others in various states, and that new director has not been chosen, though applicants have been reviewed.

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