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From the listings desk: If your basic wine tasting is a little too city-fied for your tastes, how about one on an alpaca farm?

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday, visit Peak Ranch Alpacas in Monument for a free tasting of South American wines (to honor the alpaca homeland) and a tour of the ranch. According to Peak Ranch, the alpacas were shorn just last week, so you'll get to see them free of their heavy coats.

And while you're there, you can also swing through the ranch boutique, which offers natural alpaca goods, including ... alpaca wine coolers. That's right, alpaca-fiber cozies.

Free wine with a cute view. Whats not to smile about?
  • Peak Ranch Alpacas
  • Free wine with a cute view. What's not to smile about?

Peak Ranch is a family-run affair, going on nine years in the biz. According to its website, life on the ranch goes like this:

We have professional shearers from New Zealand come to our ranch and shear them. They are careful with each alpaca and shear each quickly as to reduce any stress. They reproduce "cria" 1 at a time and the gestation is 11 1/2 months. We provide them fresh water, orchard grass hay and some supplement in the morning and evening. The alpacas are cared for by our whole family and cleanup and management is about 2 hours a day for our herd of 30. We have 6 cria due this fall starting in August.

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