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According to the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, a local program that offers bike clinics for the homeless has hit a snag, and needs your help.

So go grab that old bike out of your garage or basement, dust it off, and bring out to the Colorado Farm & Art Market starting June 15 to make a donation. If you've got a few skills as a bike mechanic, or if you're a bike ninja, you can even donate your time and know-how to help some of the less-ready-for-road bikes.

Details, from the PPJPC:

The two existing bike clinics for homeless riders are facing serious challenges. Peter Sprunger-Froese has seriously injured his hand and Brian Gravestock's Bike Clinic Too has trimmed hours. To help out, the J&P is launching a summer campaign to collect good-condition (i.e. no repairs needed) bicycles from the community. The Colorado Farm & Art Market will allow us to collect bikes from 3-6 p.m. every Wednesday beginning June 15. Look for our table at CFAM's new location for the summer, the Sculpture Garden at the Fine Arts Center (Cascade Avenue and Dale Street).

We need the community to bring down those good-condition-but-unused bikes parked in sheds and garages around the region. The emphasis here is on "good condition." You can also volunteer to help us staff the table, transport bikes to a storage facility and even make a few basic repairs on site. Bike mechanics who can volunteer to make more extensive repairs are also sorely needed.

Bring your bikes down understanding the following protocols:
1. Bikes in need of obvious repairs should be repaired before they are donated.
2. If the only challenge is flat tires, please inflate them to see if they hold air before donating them.
3. If you do not have a bike pump or way to inflate tires, we will have hand pumps at the Farmer's Market. Bike tires will be inflated and the bikes taken on a test drive before we accept them.
4. If you have a suitable bike but no way to transport it to the park, please contact us. We are developing a list in case a way of transporting bikes presents itself.
5. Acceptable bikes will get you a receipt for tax deduction.
6. Any surplus bikes may be used to launch a new pilot bike-sharing project.

For more information, contact Steve at (719) 632-6189 or

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