A new era for Nosh



We just confirmed a rumor with Nosh's manager, Tyler Schiedel: Chef Shane Lyons has stepped down to pursue an opportunity elsewhere.

Lyons' two-year agreement is up, says Schiedel, leaving the one-time Food Network personality free to go play.

According to Lyons, with whom I also just spoke, part of that play will involve getting back to his film career. He's taking off for New York within a matter of weeks.

In this week's Side Dish column, we'll tell you more. But for now, Schiedel did say that Nathan Dirnberger, who's been in Nosh's kitchen for many months, will take over as the interim kitchen manager.

You might recall hearing Dirnberger's name back in April, when he was competing with Pikes Peak Community College for the Student Chef of the Year title at the American Culinary Federation Western Regional Conference.

Kitchen tongs and studio lights ... tools of Shane Lyons two career paths.
  • Kitchen tongs and studio lights ... tools of Shane Lyons' two career paths.

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