Solar Roast seeks sundry funding for systematic step-up




Pueblo's Solar Roast Coffee does a variety of badass things — like making a four-shot espresso drink with cayenne pepper called the Bull Breaker that co-owner Mike Hartkop says "some [people] are afraid of" — but the most badass has to be exactly what you'd expect: they roast coffee using solar power.

But it's time for an upgrade. Helios 4 just isn't cutting it anymore, and Helios 5 is in serious need of some funding. So, going the crowd-sourced Kickstarter route, the company's trying to raise $20,000 for the new array. But the other cool part of the new system?

Here's Gizmodo:

In exchange, while they're going to use their new solar array with "hundreds" of smaller robotic mirrors that can focus sunlight in any direction to heat-power their fifth-generation coffee roaster, they're going to open source the entire setup and the technology behind it. So, other people can use the solar power tower-based system developed by the Open Sun Project for different projects like generating power, ovens, furnaces or anything else that could make use of super intense sun powah.

So click here to give them money. They deserve it, and so does your morning routine.

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