The grand old pastime of cheese rolling




Memorial Day weekend is a time to celebrate precious American pastimes like fishing, camping, barbecuing, or visiting the grave of a loved one.

But in England, apparently, this weekend is also a good time to run like a crazy person down a crowded muddy hill chasing ... wait for it ... cheese.

I have to say that as ridiculous as the grand old sport of cheese rolling sounds (and really, people have been doing this for two centuries), there is a part of me that finds this appealing.

First off, as an adult, I feel that I am unfairly deprived of chances to get extremely muddy for no apparent reason, while still maintaining a good reputation amongst my peers.

Second, I like cheese. I mean, who doesn't?

Anyways, if you're thinking of creating a new tradition of cheese rolling in your family, read this first.

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