UPDATE: Skorman concedes



Richard Skorman has gotten a hold of Steve Bach, and conceded. From his concession speech at the Antlers: "Let's hope our new mayor will become a good strong mayor. Let's give him a chance."

——- 8:09 P.M. ——-

KVOR-AM 740 just aired an interview with Skorman, who said he "wish[es] Steve the best," and will be there if Bach wants his help.

Asked whether he might run again in the future, Skorman said he didn't know, then said, "Probably not. At this point, I'd like to get back to my easy life of quiet and not so much pressure."

——- ORIGINAL POST, 8:03 P.M. ——-

Just got another call from Ralph Routon, who's talked with Richard Skorman at the Antlers Hilton. As if it weren't enough that early numbers have dashed Skorman's hopes, the candidate feels bad about something else.

Apparently, he forgot to bring Steve Bach's phone number out with him tonight. So even though he's ready to congratulate his opponent and concede, he hasn't been able to.

Consequently, there's been no speech made to the 125 or 150 people at the Antlers.

Skorman did tell us: "I knew it would be tough [in the runoff]. There were lots of forces at work against us, but I'm proud of what we did. We put together a great effort and we harnessed a lot of support that hopefully can still be put to good use in the community."

He added that he felt it became a partisan race.

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