Inside Bach's party at Mr. Biggs



For someone who's not a politician, Steve Bach sure knows how to party like one.

Red, white and blue balloons, a stage full of family, blaring music to punctuate both ends of his acceptance speech (the Temptations' "Get Ready" and U2's "Beautiful Day") ... this has been the scene at Mr. Biggs, according to J. Adrian Stanley.

But why not? With 80 percent of precincts now reporting (though you'd never know it from the city website, which is still not updated), it's still 57 percent to 43 percent. Not bad, considering Bach told the Indy that he "honestly had thought this would be close."

"In any regard," he told Adrian, "I have a lot of respect for Richard Skorman."

The speech he made to his supporters, naturally, was well-received, and ended with him saying, "I love this city, and I believe in our future, and I will work hard every day to be the best mayor we've ever had."

And just how long might it be before people could start seeing results from his leadership? That question came up in an interview with KVOR-AM 740, a little later on. Bach said he hoped that within 60 to 90 days, there'd be something measurable. He added that he plans to be "totally open and transparent," and that one of the ways he will do that is by having a "monthly news conference to stay in touch with the community."

"It's going to be a very straightforward action plan approach."

Among the Biggs crowd was current Mayor Lionel Rivera, who told the Indy that he thinks Bach will be able to talk to business leaders, attract and retain business. Specifically, Rivera says Bach could go on trips to visit executives from companies thinking of relocating here. It was something he never could do, he said, since he also had to hold down a full-time job: "It wasn't really a budget issue. It was a time issue."

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