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With less than 40 hours left to go in the session, the Democrats in the Senate and House Republicans have been unable to reach a compromise on the redistricting of Colorado's congressional districts — despite the Democrats even naming their map the "Colorado Compromise" map.

From the Democrats' PR shop:

Today, Colorado House Republicans introduced another congressional redistricting map which will give them a 10-year majority in the state. This follows their admission in April that they had “deliberately tweaked” maps to favor the Republican Party in future elections. The admission was reported in the Denver Post in a story entitled “GOP admits skewing Colorado redistricting maps.” This revelation came even after legislators had formed an historic bipartisan redistricting committee to take on the constitutionally mandated task of redrawing Colorado’s congressional lines. Legislators are charged with redistricting every 10 years following the U.S. Census to account for population shifts.

Sen. President Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, says: “If there’s one thing I learned in the Navy it’s that the only people afraid of a fair fight are those who can only win by hitting below the belt.”

To which Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder adds: “In April, Republicans admitted to deliberately drawing districts to give their party an unfair political advantage and solidify their majority for the next decade. Colorado does not want congressmen or women for life. ... Colorado voters deserve fair and competitive congressional districts that allow them to hold their elected representatives accountable.”

Here are what the Democrats say are their points of compromise with the Republicans:

• CD2 - Does not put Grand Junction and Boulder in the same district. Central Mountain Community and tourism-based economy whole while other maps put Eagle County with parts of Weld County.

• CD3 - Does not put Grand Junction and Boulder in the same district. Keeps Western Slope whole to the same extent that Republican maps do.

• CD4 - Keeps Northern Colorado together and is more compact; while other maps have put Fort Collins and Baca County (southeastern corner of Colorado) in the same district.

• CD5 - Keeps El Paso County whole based upon Republican requests. Five military bases are kept together while other maps put Park (a central mountain county) with Elbert (an eastern plains vounty) in the same district.

• CD6 - Preserves E-470, C-470, I-225 transportation corridors while alternate maps put Parker with East Colfax in the same district.

• CD7 - Protects city integrity while alternate maps have split cities like Arvada, Westminster and Littleton.

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