End times got you down?




You aren't alone.

Every Wednesday, at 6:30 p.m., an open discussion group takes place at the west-side Living Faith Church at 2120 King St. for those Christians who believe that these are the end days, and are kinda bummed out about it.

If you are interested in attending (it's free!), you can check out the group's meetup site. Cause, seriously, if you believe that you're gonna live to see the end of all things, then you're probably in need of some camaraderie.

This group meets once every week to discuss the End Times and Bible Prophecy. We will explore current events as they relate to prophecy as well as watch a series of videos in the study of the rapture and one world order. You are welcome to join us regardless of your faith or the clothes that you wear. God cares much more about you than what you wear and the color of your skin. If you have been seeking to join a group that truly enjoys studying the Bible and exploring prophecy on a higher, intellectual level; you are welcome to join us.

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