Trouble in the herd




The People's Press Collective, a liberty-focused website, reported on an interesting attempt Monday by the El Paso County GOP party to crack down on internal dissent.

... at the El Paso County party Central Committee meeting Bob Denny, HD-20 leader, supported by Jeff Hays of HD-20, introduced a measure on behalf of Rep. Amy Stephens designed to stifle opposition to SB 200. It prevented party officers and Executive Committee members from criticizing elected officials and their policies.

The measure passed, after some modification, but it shows how tense the Republican Party has grown thanks in large part to the fight over SB 200, Stephens' health insurance exchange bill.

Jason Salzman, at the Huffington Post, follows up on this fracas with an interview with Bob Denny, who sits on the Republican Party executive committee.

"Not that we don't have freedom of speech, but as party officers, when you're talking to the press or sending a mass email or something, you shouldn't undermine party elected officials," [Denny] said. "Party officers don't agree with everything all the time, but we should at least be neutral."

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