Downtown keyboard shop closing after 15 years




The good news: Piano sales are booming in China, so much so that the Chinese market now accounts for 50 percent of new piano sales. The really, really bad news is that the U.S. market is tanking, with domestic sales dropping by 35 percent last year.

That news hit close to home today when we learned that Pianos New & Used, the downtown store that's been keeping Colorado Springs in keyboards for 15 years now, is closing its doors. The store will be liquidating its inventory over the next week or two, although the salesperson I spoke to today says the plan is to try to sell off most everything this weekend.

So whether you're looking for a Steinway Grand or a Moog Voyager, now would be the time to get on it. The shop, which is located at 413 N. Tejon, will open up around 10 on Saturday, 11-ish on Sunday, and continue each day as long as there are still customers in sight.

You can also call owner Rick Vokt at 389-1430 and set up an appointment for this Friday, when the store will be otherwise closed. Probably a good idea to get there before I do.

On a related topic, here's a song about pianos that I'm pretty sure is being sung by Bjork:

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