Tonight: The city's real elite gather to support Bach




Now here's a party to which I wasn't invited — and I suspect you weren't, either.

Some observations:

- That's the power structure. All of the hosts have exercised significant power in this community for at least 25 years. Any aspiring politico had better be on the good side of every one of these folks - and you'd better be a solid conservative as well.

- These people are old! Not as old as me, with one or two exceptions, but most of 'em are on the bad side of 60. In four years, I expect that either Steve Bach or Richard Skorman will have attracted so many young professionals to town that we'll see a massive turnover in the power structure - and maybe a noisy, all-night bash at a nightclub yet to be opened.

- That said, it sounds like a great party - good food, good drink, the opportunity to rub shoulders with powerful, successful people. What could be better? I'd love to go - but as a journalist, I can't ethically contribute to either candidate, nor could I afford to fork over $200 on a journalist's meager salary (poor, pitiful me!).

- And even if the Independent were to give me $200 to cover this very significant event, my high ethical standards would prevent me from doing so. I'd take the $200, proceeed to the Famous, and share a bottle of Dom Perignon with my spouse...

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