Gazette, AARP see winning demographic match



Where the heck is my Gazette?
  • Where the heck is my Gazette?
No secret here: Readers of daily newspapers tend to have a few grey hairs.

OK, a lot of grey hairs.

While other publications desperately try to grab the youth market, the Gazette, to its credit, seems to have accepted its, uh, senior readership.

Today, when I opened the Gazette, an envelope fell out. It was a letter from — I kid you not — the AARP. (For our young readers who are not familiar with the AARP, it's a member organization for those over 50.)

Addressed to "Valued Member," the envelope assured me that I would get a "Free gift when you renew your membership."

I am 31.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the AARP's sentiment. Yes, I would love to "receive discounts on travel and other services." I'd love "exclusive information and resources." And you can count me in on "discounts and special member programs on prescriptions and health services."

Unfortunately, unlike most of the Gazette's readers, I'm going to have a wait a couple decades before I can take advantage of those deals.

What a tease.

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