What wood we do?



Some samples from the show.
  • Some samples from the show.

Contrary to appearances, this isn't motivated by self-promotion. It's actually a cool event that just so happens to have some Indy staff participating in it.

That event is Off the Wall: What Wood You Do?, a FutureSelf show taking place at Marmalade at Smokebrush tomorrow. What Wood You Do? features about 35 artworks made from simple boards that will go up for auction to benefit FutureSelf.

The artists behind the boards include Vicky Gregor, Mothy and Jeff Bieri of KRCC; Christina McGrath of COPPeR; Kat Tudor and Don Goede of Smokebrush; Daisy McConnell of GOCA; and Indy members Sally Piette, Kathy Conarro, Brienne Boortz and myself.

Tomorrow's reception, from 6 to 8:30, will feature live music, food and the silent auction. Bid away, friends.

For more, visit futureself.org.

(And if you're curious as to what I did — as someone with minimal artistic skill, mind you — here's a hint. It's all about the fade, baby.)

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