Skorman sheds light on campaign finance gray area


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Throughout Richard Skorman's chase for mayor, the business owner has maintained donation jars at the cash registers of his various spots. At first used to collect cash during his exploratory phase, the clear boxes have since been repurposed to take in campaign donations.

An envelope is even included alongside the box for donations over $20, which the candidate is required to report. However, the last time I was in Rico's Café, there were several dollar bills in the box, but no envelopes. Which brought to mind, what happens if somebody drops a $20 and leaves?

"That’s a tough one," says Skorman. "In fact, that happened one time and I ended up throwing it in the tips. I just wasn’t sure what to do. And sometimes I think people have gotten confused between the two as well."

In the end, the small contributions are still reported, of course, just not individualized. Skorman's reported non-itemized contributions, going back to Jan. 3, total some $1,000.

"I haven’t gotten that many dollars out of it — in the beginning is when I got the most," the mayoral candidate says. "But my crew’s been really trained to look for people that are putting money in there, and if they notice anything more we have them fill out a form."


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