Grant Family Farms looks to 'pay it forward'



Ahead of this year's growing season, Grant Family Farms has made a generous offer to former members of its organic CSA (community supported agriculture) program: Anyone who is out of work, struggling economically and can't afford this year's CSA, can sign up at no charge and pay the farm back later if able — "no pressure."

You can read the full newsletter sent by Andy Grant below.

I'm aware that many or probably most who read this will not be former Grant CSA members out of work, but I think it's nonetheless important to recognize a positive community effort and commend the farm for its generosity.

And if you're looking for the right CSA fit for you this season, perhaps it's this type of action that will turn you on to Grant Family Farms as the type of outfit you want to support.


Andy Grant's newsletter:

We may have some members who have been affected by the economy over the past few years. I personally know of people that have been members of our CSA that have been laid off and still can't find a good job. This letter is a personal reach out from me to you! Besides growing great organic, local foods....we also champion our farm's CSA program and its efforts to help build and be a part of a greater community. This is the same community that helps on the farm as working members and comes to our many events and open farm days. This is also a community that develops when people meet and become friends at their pickup spots. Community happens when you share the extra head of lettuce from your CSA share with your neighbor or with your donation to your local food bank. Community is what happens when our farm gave over 250,000 pounds of produce to Front Range food banks last year, a direct result of community support by being a Grant Family Farms CSA member.
We at the farm, appreciate your early involvement in our farm and CSA the past four years. Without our community's early support of this program the farm would have had a very hard time making it in this current marketplace and economy when competing against the large-scale corporate farms. Thank you for this support!
If you have found yourself in tough times economically because you may have lost your job or your personal business has had a hard time and don't have the money right now to signup for a share, I would like to extend this invitation to you. You were a champion of the farm in the early years by joining our CSA, so we would like to return the favor to you! The farm will cover your CSA vegetable and/or egg share for the coming year and when times get better maybe you will be able to pay us back, there will be no pressure. We simply want you to continue to have access to our good food and look forward to better days. I will manage this program personally and will hold your information with the highest respect and confidentiality.
You are part of our community and we stand by you. When things get better, and they will, maybe you will also consider at that time to 'pay it forward' for others.
It's all about our local community being there for each other, farms and cities!
Please contact me if you have need or want of the CSA foods or need some help for the coming year ahead by emailing

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