Donate a book, dammit!



It's true: Some of us got so caught up in celebrating National Bookmobile Day Wednesday — and the whole maelstrom of activity that is National Library Week — that we may have forgotten the fact that Thursday, April 14, is the very first Donate A Book Day™.

Thanks to the initiative of the Book of the Month Club (yeah, we didn't know they were still around, either), humans are encouraged to donate any and all mint, near-mint or, as they say in the biz, "gently used" books to their local library of choice.

Those libraries will then either put them on the shelves for the rest of us to check out, or sell them at book sales to raise money for new books.

Any leftover kidding aside, this is a totally cool thing to do.

So why not grab a few lonely tomes on your way out the door and drop them off? Admit it, you're not gonna read them again, they're just gonna warp your bookshelves, and if you even tried to sell them, you'd be lucky to get enough money for a cup of coffee.

Plus, it's only a matter of time before Republicans decide that libraries are a wasteful government "entitlement program" which must be starved to death in order to ensure that only the financially fittest among us are allowed to read.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of additional incentives, courtesy of the Twilight Zone and Bill Hicks:

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