Good News: Gaping holes in infrastructure repaired



And remember, when it comes to lifes problems, perspective is everything.
  • And remember, when it comes to life's problems, perspective is everything.

I want you to know, readers, that I am listening when you say, "Enough with negative news, gives us something positive to read!"


How about ... the city is going to fix potholes? Not glamorous, I know, but as someone who recently paid to have her car aligned, I think this is a definite positive, don't you? And listen, they're not just fixing a few potholes, they're fixing a crapload of potholes. There's actually extra funding this year for potholes. And — and! — if you call the city and tell them about it, city crews will actually come and fix the one pothole that's been bugging you the most. Isn't that great? I mean, c'mon, muster a little smile for me here. That's terrific, right?

The city, by the way, already fixed my most-hated pothole (thanks, guys!).

Anyway, here's the rest of that great news.

Got Potholes?
City begins concentrated effort to repair potholes

Starting this week, the Street Division is kicking off an intensive push to repair potholes more quickly, thanks to additional funding from City Council. The response time is expected to drop from approximately five weeks to two weeks by dedicating six fulltime crews to repairing potholes. Potholes are prioritized by location, so potholes on main arterials will be repaired much quicker than the two-week goal.
However, to repair potholes, the City needs help finding them! We are asking drivers who spot potholes to call the Pothole Hotline — 385-6808 — to report them.
When reporting a pothole, callers should provide detailed information such as street name, direction of traffic flow (north bound, south bound, etc.), nearby cross streets, closest address (if known), landmarks such as nearby buildings, side of the street, location in the street and distance from the curb. Due to the huge influx of calls expected, citizens should not expect a personal reply to their request.
The City of Colorado Springs Streets Division is responsible for maintaining 4,725 miles of street lanes. Streets crews filled 25,249 potholes last year.

By the way, if you have a pothole problem outside the city limits, you can call 520-6460 if it's a county road, or 227-3246 if it's a state road.

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