Material lovin' at the DAM




Yesterday, we went to the Denver Art Museum for a media preview of its upcoming Cities of Splendor exhibit. You can read our coverage of the show later this month. For now, here are some random shots from my quick walk-around of the rest of the museum, which included the Pre-Columbian/Spanish Colonial floor, the Asian floor and the DAM's much-lauded, new Native American floor. (Read more about that here.)

My pictures? Mostly a collection of the pretty, decorative arts, or, items I wouldn't mind keeping in my (fantasy) house. We start with crowns, some for people, some for altars, all for show.



On now to kitchen implements. First, a silver tea cup (likely for sacred use, but it'll do me just fine). Second, a Japanese picnic set, adorned with bats.



Lastly, these little guys are inro, or purse-like objects that in Japan would be affixed to kimonos (which have no pockets).


Museums, I know, aren't meant for window shopping. But if they are, ostensibly, factories of inspiration, then I say, "Yes, we can have nice things."

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