Government shutdown could leave plates empty



As the government prepares to shut down, it's hard to fully grasp the impact this drastic move will have.

We've all heard about the big government systems that will be impacted, but there's a lot of less obvious, but no less important things, that will be as well.

Take our food bank, for example. Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado, the major supplier of food to the needy on this side of the state, e-mailed me this afternoon. If the government shuts down, the e-mail read, the food bank will be holding food drives over the weekend to try and keep supplies flowing to needy families.

The feds, after all, provide some of the food for food banks. So if the government stops working, we could end up with a lot of empty bellies in southern Colorado, and across the nation.

Dear Media Friends,

This information is pertinent only if the Federal Government shuts down this evening.

If the shutdown occurs, Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado will be open from 8am-4pm on Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10 to collect nonperishable food items from the public. This will be an effort to offset a potential shortfall. The food drive will take place at Care and Share's warehouse at 2605 Preamble Point, which is 1/4 mile east of Powers off of Constitution Boulevard. No food will be distributed, but lists of emergency food pantries will be available for those who need them.

Lynne Telford, Care and Share's president & CEO, will be the point of contact over the weekend. Her cell phone number is 719-322-6815. If you cannot reach Lynne, please feel free to contact me at 719-201-3619.

Please note that if the shutdown does not occur, Care and Share will not be holding the food drives over the weekend and there will be no need for an announcement.

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