UPDATE: Bach campaign denies knowledge of push poll


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Steve Bach's mayoral campaign manager, Laura Carno, says today that the campaign has had no connection with Magellan, and had neither funded nor approved the robo-calls portraying Bach's opponent Richard Skorman in negative ways.

"We have no knowledge of these calls," Carno says. Asked whether Bach would denounce both the robo-call messages and the means of transmitting the messages, Carno demurred.

"We haven't actually heard the calls," she says.

It seems clear that the calls are being funded by an independent expenditure committee. These so-called 527s can conceal both the source of their funds and the identity of their principals, as long as they don't coordinate their activities with any campaign.

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Steve Bach's mayoral campaign, as the Indy’s Kirsten Akens reported last night, has wasted no time in playing nasty.

A Mean welcome to the runoff.
  • A 'Mean' welcome to the runoff.

Before the final votes in the April 5 election had been counted, the campaign was up with an exceptionally nasty piece of work — a push poll in the form of a robocall from a group called Magellan. Ostensibly, this is Magellan Data & Mapping Strategies, whose members, as its website proudly states, “have managed some of the most challenging data and technology projects for the Republican Party and conservative movement in the past 18 years.”

Read Kirsten’s piece — she had the misfortune to receive one of these calls, which, in the time-dishonored style of such hit pieces, featured a recorded voice asking her if she was more likely to support Richard Skorman if she knew that he was a gay-loving, gun-hating, big-government-supporting crazed liberal who wanted to raise taxes, take away jobs, and turn Colorado Springs into an anti-American wasteland.

It’s curious, given that both candidates promised during their campaigns to stick to the high road, and refrain from personal attacks. I called Bach’s campaign to ask about the push poll, but haven’t heard back.

But the motivation, at least to this cynical ex-politician, is pretty clear.

Although Bach and his campaign honchos have pooh-poohed his first wife’s allegations of spousal abuse, such accusations can sink candidacies, even if groundless. If the accusations are credibly corroborated, he’s probably toast; if not, they can still have an effect.

His best course now is to smear Skorman. Not only do you define your opponent negatively, you draw voter attention away from your own deficiencies, real or invented. It’s hardball politics, of a kind that our genteel, non-partisan city elections have never seen.

Remember those halcyon days of yesterday (last week, actually!), when the closest thing to hardball politics we saw was the Lisa Czelatdko-Tom Mowle dustup? Remember Lisa C’s memorable trope: ”Tom, you big baby”?

Ah, those dear dead days beyond recall!

Next up from the Bach campaign: “Richard, you big baby-killer!”

Welcome to the NFL.


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