Election update! (We're still waiting)




I stopped by the Colorado Springs City Clerk's office at 9 a.m. to check if there were new updates on last night's election results, and I noticed that a couple candidates had already checked in before me. They got told the same thing I did: No new updates. I was told to come back in a couple of hours. A couple of TV guys' cameras have parked it in the lobby.

The latest update was from 10:30 last night, and we got a paper to put out, and at least in one race — Merrifield vs. Czeladtko — it's still a close call. She's got a narrow lead, and it could flip. So, I'm impatient, and I just put in a call. No new updates. The clerk's staff is still busy counting the ballots from yesterday. I'm told to call back later.

"Do you have a timeframe?" I ask.

"No," the very tired sounding voice on the other end says, "we do not have a timeframe."


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