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Colorado Pols beat me to it. I was going to write a snarky blog post about Secretary of State Scott Gessler's questionable study, the results of which he presented to Congress last week, but now I am just going to point you to their post, and sum up some stuff in a couple paragraphs to follow:

Gessler testified before the U.S. House Administration Committee that his office has uncovered troubling information that may (or may not) confirm that anywhere between 106 to, I don't know, let's say 80,000,000, illegal immigrants are registered to vote in Colorado. And that 5,000 of these illegal immigrants voted last year! Maybe! He can't be sure.

As the Denver Post reported, Gessler compiled his numbers of illegally registered voters by looking through state drivers license information, noting those non-citizens who got drivers licenses and then registered to vote.

He found, since 2006, there have been 11,699 such incidents.

Of course, as Colorado Pols notes, since 2006, about 32,000 people became U.S. citizens in Colorado. So, if they registered for a drivers license as a non-citizen, then registered to vote later, there is a very respectable chance that during the interim they became an American citizen.

However, Gessler testified that he knows for a fact that 106 non-citizens are registered to vote. So, of course, Texas Democrat Charles Gonzalez points out that at least one County Clerk — Mesa County's Sheila Reiner — has asked to see that list of people flagrantly violating the law, and the secretary of state's office has refused to turn over the list. Why?

Watch and learn:

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