Denver Nuggs play last Sac game



Denver Nuggets basketball play the Sacramento Kings tonight, possibly for the last time. The Kings’ owners are in negotiations to move the franchise to Anaheim to form the Anaheim Royals.

You can catch the Nuggs run out on Arco Arena’s tear-saturated hardwood tonight on the Altitude 2 (Comcast 4) TV channel, or 1300 AM on your radio dial. They have a four-game winning streak and are currently the fifth seed in the Western Conference, with eight games remaining.

Joe Kleine was born in Colorado Springs, and the worst Sacramento Kings draft pick ever.
  • Joe Kleine was born in Colorado Springs, and the worst Sacramento Kings draft pick ever.

The Kings’ fate isn’t sealed quite yet. Sacramento’s mayor and former NBA point-guard Kevin Johnson will grovel before the NBA Board of Governors meeting next month to keep the team, and a grassroots effort to raise money to build a new Sacramento arena launched moments after The Anaheim City Council voted to issue bonds to pay for improvements at the Honda Center, where the Royals would play.

The pain of losing “your team” that goes around, has come around to me. The Kings’ relocation hits home to me, because it’s home to me. As a sports fan in Sacramento, the Kings were naturally my team. I thought it would be for life.

Colorado sports partisans too have been spurned by the business of sports.

Perhaps you were a fan of the Denver Gold of the now-defunct United States Football League. The USFL was founded on the principles that football was popular enough to have it year-round, and that it wasn’t going to make mistakes of the NFL (No Fun League). The Gold’s owner, who was a Colorado real estate dealer, was the only one to turn a profit after the league’s inaugural season. The USFL and the Gold lasted only three seasons, with their final game played in 1986.

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox ended their eight-year reign as a minor-league team for the Chicago White Sox in 1958 when their Western League disbanded, neglecting the city of pro baseball until 1988.

Your grieving writer in his Mitch Richmond Sacramento Kings jersey.
  • Your writer in happier days wearing his Mitch Richmond Sacramento Kings jersey on picture day.
There’s no feeling like it. I’m grieving the Sacramento Kings and it’s not even November when I realize I don’t have a team to check in the standings. Heck, I’m veiled and mourning and it’s not even finalized yet. Words — and words and symbols (i.e. F@#k!) don’t begin to cover it.

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