KRCC unveils new website and change for The Big Something




Some 5,000 e-mail subscribers receive KRCC's The Big Something every day in their inbox, which features the reporting of producers Noel Black and Craig Richardson. Starting April 4, those folks will need to head for the website if interested in catching the duo's work.

But not to worry, says Black in an e-mail.

"Now that our content is integrated on the front page, it makes accessing it via e-mail less of a priority for us," he writes, referencing the nonprofit radio station's recent site redesign, adding it's "a much simpler, more elegant format that isn't as cluttered and doesn't require as much digging."

TBS began in March '09 and has enjoyed a fairly successful run, but eventually ran into a problem inherent in the delivery system.

"From a logistical standpoint, sending out a daily e-mail through a commercial e-mail delivery service can cause e-mail providers like MSN or AOL to see your e-mails as spam whether they are or not, simply because of the volume," Black writes. "For example, at one point MSN and Comcast blocked all emails coming from our e-mail delivery service's server, including those from other clients. The only way to get around that would have been to have our own dedicated server, and even that doesn't guarantee that your e-mails will get through."

Subscribers will continue to receive the Friday digest, and can access the daily updates through the website, in addition to TBS enjoying a larger on-air presence. In the end, however, Black says the aim is higher than just airwaves.

"Because anyone can access everything we air and produce through our website, we increasingly see ourselves as more than simply a public radio station; we're becoming a public media station," he writes. "And that means presenting and creating content in the medium that will best convey the information. Ultimately, though, the goal is the same: to help connect our community through first-rate news, information and music, no matter how it's delivered."

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