A sign of the times



The same nostalgia fueling posts by fellow bloggers Bryce Crawford and J. Adrian Stanley is alive within me. Thursday, I witnessed history in the making when a new sign was bolted onto the roof of the Flowerama on the corner of East Platte Avenue and North Circle Drive, replacing the skeleton of a sign that teased of this moment, and ushering in a new and improved era.

Like all good stories, this one starts in a golden time that once was. Here is Flowerama-past, when a dozen roses were a mere $12.99. This image is forever entombed for our children and children's children in the annals of Google Earth’s street-view, where it was pilfered for this retrospective:


Here is Flowerama-present circa Thursday, ushering in the new era:


You really don’t mind dropping the extra dollars on a dozen roses when it funds this level of beautification. We’ll always have the memories…

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