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City Auditorium, circa 1923
  • City Auditorium, circa 1923

I've got to admit that I've always been a fan of the City Auditorium — and romantic old buildings in general.

The Springs has torn down a lot of great old places over the years. If you want to get really depressed, you can look at historic photos and see all the gorgeous structures that were torn down to put up horrendous concrete block buildings during the urban renewal surge of the 1970s. (Warning: Looking at these photos may make you wish the '70s had never happened.) Of particular egregious nature is the old Burns Opera Theater, torn down by the Springs in the '70s to put up a parking lot. I looked at these photos at work recently, and had to suppress a sob.

Anyways, on the bright side, we still have the City Aud, and in fact, a small band has put together a plan to restore the old gem. I wrote about that here. That same group is also hosting a tour, "Hidden Places and Special Places," this Sunday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Head on down to the Aud for food, fun, and live music. But especially because this is your chance to see parts of the Aud that aren't open to the public. The Aud has tunnels, trap doors, and even an old apartment where the caretaker used to live.

Pretty neat stuff.

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