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Richard Skorman - likely in a runoff?
  • Richard Skorman - likely in a runoff?

If you’re old enough to remember schoolyard fights in junior high school, you’ll remember what happened to the big, tough guy whom no one wanted to fight.

The smaller kids ganged up on him, and, in the parlance of the era, taught him a lesson.

Something similar may be happening in the mayoral race.

In separate conversations with members of the Brian Bahr and Richard Skorman campaigns, I found that they’re in perfect agreement — in some unusual respects.

Both campaigns are eager to portray Steve Bach’s campaign as faltering/struggling/fading.

“I think Steve is sort of running out of gas,” says a Skorman operative.

“I don’t have the sense that Steve is exciting voters,” says a Bahr backer.

Both campaigns are citing their own polls, which show Skorman in first place, Bahr second, and Bach third.
And both campaigns are eager for a runoff which would pit Skorman against Bahr.

“I think we’d win,” says the Skorman operative.

“We’d prevail,” says the Bahr backer.

While Skorman’s team would expect to pick up support from supporters of Dave Munger, Tom Gallagher, and Bach, Bahr would hope to rally Republicans and conservatives to his standard.

But they’re not so optimistic when considering a matchup with Bach.

Against Bahr, Bach would draw all of the Skorman voters as well as many conservatives, not to mention broad support from the business community.

Against Skorman, Bach would pick up conservative/Republican voters (can you say "majority"?), and retain the support of much of the business community.

The Skorman operative, asked to comment on such a scenario, laughed.

“You might be right — but we’ll see.”

And the Bahr backer?

“We’re confident, but we’d rather run against Richard.”

So, Brian and Richard — you’d better hope that the big guy won’t be the one meeting you in the playground after school on May 17 … he might just teach you a lesson.

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