UPDATE: Christiansen drops out of mayoral race



Mitch Christiansen responded this afternoon by email to an inquiry as to why he chose to drop out of the race.

Here's what he had to say:

I withdrew from the mayor’s race for a couple of reasons. We have a large number of candidates in the race. I was very competitive in this race as I brought out issues with solutions which is what the voters wanted to hear facts, not platitudes. They do not want a comic book character as mayor of this city. Immaturity at its best. A rank amateur in city hall is not what this city needs. We already have a rank amateur in the White House. We do not need to put someone in the mayor’s seat that is or has been on council. These people are the reason we have the problems we have in this city. We do not need a person that has been on city committee after city committee. He promotes the same thing and continuation and growth of government we have now. We do not need someone that is singing from the same song book as the staff and current council members nothing will get changed. I have endorsed Steve Bach as he is the person with conservative views similar to mine. I believe that he will run this city with a strong hand as I would have done. He will fix the problems with real solutions to the issues, not platitudes and more government. I made the decision to withdraw at this time after careful thought, I did not want to split the vote to allow the wrong people into this position. My decision was in no way influenced by anyone. Those that know me realize I am not easily influenced by anyone except the man upstairs.

——- UPDATE, THURSDAY, 9:23 A.M. ——-

Mitch Christiansen
  • Mitch Christiansen

Citing a crowded field, Mayoral Candidate Mitch Christiansen dropped out of the race yesterday and threw his support behind candidate Steve Bach.

Christiansen is the second candidate to make that move as of late. Candidate Phil McDonald also recently dropped out of the race and expressed support for Bach.

Both McDonald's and Christiansen's names will appear on the ballot, as it is too late to remove them. There are now seven candidates for mayor.

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