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Requiring teachers to pitch in more of their income toward their Public Employees Retirement Association pensions is the topic of a bill introduced in the Colorado Assembly this week, according to the Denver Post.

Meantime, the New York Times recently published a story and a graphic showing how much of their pay public employees can expect to receive after retirement through public pension plans, and Colorado leads the way. Basically, it shows that if a public employee in Colorado makes $100,000 a year, they can expect to retire on $90,000 a year. If he or she makes $50,000 a year, he or she would retire on $45,000. Where do I sign?

However, the state is pretty far down the ladder in the number of public employees protected by collective bargaining agreements. I guess one way to look at the two figures is that despite a lack of collective bargaining, public employees have done pretty well for themselves in Colorado.

Here's the graphic:



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