Lamborn victorious in battle against America's greatest foe, NPR




The U.S. House voted this afternoon to defund NPR. The bill, sponsored by our very own U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn, passed on the floor of the House in a partisan vote, with straight Republican support. Democrats voted against the bill in force, and were actually joined by seven Republicans.

Not surprisingly, the Far Right is giddy, throwing up pre-written stories celebrating their victory — such as this one from The National Review, which claims to have interviewed Lamborn seconds after the vote.

For Lamborn, victory is sweet. “It has not sunk in yet, I’m still pinching myself,” he says as we chat in his Capitol Hill office. NPR’s recent stumbles, he acknowledges, coupled with a feisty GOP majority, enabled the bill to pass: “You have to be out in the vineyards working away. Sometimes your efforts are recognized, sometimes you toil in obscurity.”

So Lamborn has succeeded. The House has shut off the "gusher of federal dollars" to the lefties at NPR, and the rest of America has one more reason to believe that Colorado Springs is the kind of backwards outpost that would elect someone like Lamborn.

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