I Don't Like Thursdays: Bob Geldof at SXSW




"I don't think the music of the American revolution is fife and drums. I think the music of the American revolution is rock and roll."

For a ballroom full of hung-over SXSW participants, that bit of morning wisdom from Bob Geldof — former Boomtown Rat, Live Aid icon, and timeless songwriter ("I Don't Like Mondays," "Do They Know It's Christmas") — may or may not have been a moment of inspiration. Same goes for:

"We live in existential times. Ladies and gentlemen, please believe this."

"Music is dangerous. Always has been."

And so on.

Robert Frederick Zenon "Bob" Geldof decided, unwisely I think, not to tell personal stories in this morning's SXSW keynote address. Instead, he said that he'd originally decided to speak about what he called "The End of Passion." But then, at 4 a.m. this morning, Geldof decided to speak about "The End of Relevance."

Ultimately, he changed focus again, this time to, um, something else, something which might better be named "The End of Interesting."

I swear I'm not hungover.

"Guy's too serious," muttered one attendee as he made his way for the exit.

Now this being St. Patrick's Day, I am a little ashamed to be saying unkind things about an Irishman, especially one who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

Oh well, there's always this:

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