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I've been feeling wonky lately. And, frankly, everyone I work with seems to be a bit overwhelmed and out of sorts, too.


I came across this fascinating piece about the earthquake in Japan and our collective consciousness by Rev. Ahriana Platten, currently the acting minister at Unity Church in the Rockies, and also the director of the local Colorado Ecospiritual Center.

It made a lot of sense to me. Perhaps it will ring true for you as well.

Earthquake in the Mind of Humanity

I awoke this morning to find out about an Earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunamis around the world. My niece and her husband are in Japan so step one was checking in on them. It appears that they are okay. Step 2? Check on friends in Hawaii who might be affected by the resulting tsunami. They seem to be fine. Step three — write to my Spiritual Community and ask them to pay attention to how they feel.

That would be the purpose of this letter.

If you are someone who understands the power and purpose of mass consciousness — if you meditate regularly — if you pray on a regular basis — if you do yoga — or take time to still yourself — or if you are a person who strongly connects to the earth through your spiritual practices, I am asking you to pay special attention to your current and future state of being.

Immediately following the Haiti earthquake and soon after the earthquake in Chile last year, I began to notice an escalation of emotion in the people around me. People were highly emotional and had no idea why. I wonder if the reason might be our connection to global consciousness. When millions of people are “shocked” by an earth happening, it affects all of us. The "mass consciousness" is flooded with fear, concern, pain and sorrow. Not only are we affected by a flood of emotions from the area affected, but also by the emotions of all the people who have loved ones they cannot reach, all the people concerned about business implications, and all those who are simply sensitive to earth changes. Our animal instincts tell us there is danger and we react emotionally. All of that emotion exists in the field of mass consciousness and we are all affected by it on some level.

There are two things to do — one for yourself and one for others:

For yourself — Take an assessment of your emotional state. Ask yourself what you are feeling and name the emotion. Take action to respond to your feelings. If you feel sad, acknowledge your sadness. Perhaps you can talk with a friend about it or journal about it. If you feel frustration or fear, ask yourself if you are in danger or if you are frustrated as a result of your own life or something outside you. If your emotions do not belong to you, either lay them down or allow them to flow through you for the benefit of the people who are so traumatized that they cannot feel at this moment. It is possible to consciously step out of the emotions that do not belong to you — and to do it, you must pay close attention to your own body and your own circumstances. Be aware of your emotions and do not ignore them. Take care of yourself. Feeling this strong emotional field is taxing and you may notice you are unusually tired. Rest. Eat lightly. Acknowledge the animal-self and soothe it in whatever way works best for you — music, a walk outside, or a comforting bath for example.

For others: Be gentle with the people around you. Those who are unfamiliar with the concept of collective consciousness may not be aware that they are being affected. All of us are likely to be short tempered or easily “set off.” You may choose to share this information with others — or simply be kinder and more forgiving than usual, keeping in mind that we may all be more "edgy" than normal.

If you want to do more to help those who are in “direct affect zones,” sit still and “tap in.” You may experience tears when you do this. Let them flow. Truly, when people are traumatized they often cannot access their own emotions. They become zombie-like and disoriented. We can help take the pressure off by making time to allow some of their emotions to flow through us. Beneath the emotions of anger and frustration, you will always find fear. Go to the fear and calm it. Let it move through you gently and easily. Release it with your breath, and with tears if the come. Surrender it to the Divine in whatever form you are most comfortable with. I like to gather it up into a cube and ask the angels to come and take it from me. Once you are done, think of the safest and most beautiful place you know. Allow your entire Being to be filled with the emotions of safety, gratitude and love. Feel the comforting presence of the Divine within you. Intentionally send those feeling into mass consciousness. Breathe them out into the world. Just as fear and sadness are filling the mind of humanity, we can send love and calming to meet it. Send what you can for whatever time you can. Even a few moments of calming energy sent to the group mind will be helpful.

Plan to continue this work daily for the next several months, whenever you think to do it. It will take awhile for things to settle. Anyone can do this work and any amount of time you dedicate to it will be helpful for you and for others. Know that whatever you do will be helpful.

Blessings and love,

Rev. Ahriana Platten

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