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From the Listings desk:

Dear readers, It's time for my periodic scolding — ahem, reminder — about how Listings (both general and music items) works. This business of, "My boss is really pissed at me," or "My friend was really counting on me and now I look like a schmuck" can all be prevented by a little planning and adherence to some basic policies.


A few main points:

• First and foremost, Listings is a service for readers. We’re happy to help give exposure to venues, musicians and nonprofits, etc., but our readership is the top priority.

• Next, this is a reminder that your listing has not been overlooked. If you submit one through the website, send an e-mail, fax it or mail a hard copy, remember that we enter them manually into our database. So, they don't go live automatically, and they won't be online or in the paper until we enter the batch for that specific week. Because we get hundreds of e-mails each day and have only so much space in our print edition, most events do not appear in the paper until the week that the event occurs.

• Also, remember that Listings is a free service, so that means we handle them by volume. If you want a more personalized experience with your input on how and when it's run, then buy an ad.

• Last of all, the rule to live and die by, the deadline: if you want to get a listing in the paper, the deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon for the following Thursday's paper. That means, if your event is happening this weekend, and you want it in the paper, it's too late.

Here's why: In the edit department we all have multiple duties. I do the bulk of listings, Playing Around, calendar duties with the help of Bryce Crawford. And when we're not working on those, we're building the Seven Days to Live spread; reporting on MMJ news; assigning, editing or writing stories; working on; blogging; etc. That's not a complaint, I assure you. It's to show you why we have early deadlines, and why we can't fit in late listings on a Tuesday for a paper that's going to print on a Wednesday morning.

I sound bitchy, but it's because I care.

For more on Listings, click here, and visit our FAQs on the listings submission page here.


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