Deerhoof plays, and my head explodes



I know I am not The Music Guy around here, but I must share. I must!

Deerhoof has another album out, which is good for me because they recorded 1:19 minutes of my favorite music ever, and a whole lot of other minutes of great art-pop-prog-punk-something music.

Pitchfork has Deerhoof's latest video on its website, along with some info about the new album (which the mag gives an unfair 6.7).

Check out the video here. Heads explode! A lot of them, in charming explosions that blasts about neat stuff like bunnies and bras.

We would have embedded the video below, but Pitchfork's script doesn't seem to work with us.

So in the spirit of heads exploding, we bring a less cute head explosion, thanks to David Cronenberg.

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