Good times at the FAC



Friday, the Colorado Springs Business Journal published an article on the "vibrant economic picture" of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Rebecca Tonn's piece outlined the FAC's current fiscal status, which is extraordinarily healthy, thanks in large part to the FAC's new director of development, Thomas Jackson, who has landed the FAC numerous grants.

The story also credits president and CEO Sam Gappmayer, who has led many initiatives to broaden the FAC's appeal, hosting concerts and political events such as last week's mayoral candidate forum.

What the article does not mention is the extensive groundwork Gappmayer laid in the past few years by cutting staff and focusing on maintaining "rock-solid, sustained growth." However, these measures were not without major pushback, including an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation to look into possible discrimination against one of the FAC's curators.

As the EEOC does not release information on investigations (as well as charge filings and administrative resolutions), we asked some of the parties related to the FAC what the status on the current investigation was. Gappmayer said they hadn't heard a report from the EEOC, but wouldn't elaborate.

Despite that, the CSBJ piece noted that another positive working for the FAC had to do with the public. It notes that the Colorado Springs metro area spends more dollars on art events than most other areas of the country. (According to the story, the average expenditure at an event — ticket price not included — is $27.79, while a local 2006 study found that Springsians spent $40.90.)

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