Business interests to launch anti-Bruce effort



A coalition of Colorado Springs individuals and businesses has raised more than $150,000 to oppose Douglas Bruce and his so-called “Reform Team” of City Council candidates.

Douglas Bruce

According to several sources, none of whom would talk on the record, the money will be funneled through a 527 organization, which will create multiple direct-mail pieces targeting the Bruce team.

527 groups, named after the section of the U.S. tax code which regulates them, are for all practical purposes immune from the disclosure requirements that apply to campaign contributions made to specific candidates. Such organizations spent millions in Colorado during the 2010 elections.

The as-yet-unnamed 527 is expected to focus its attention on Bruce and Ed Bircham, hoping to remind the voters of unsavory episodes that are matters of public record, such as Bruce’s behavior during his single term in the Legislature. The mailers may also oppose the “Reform Team’s” plans to terminate the Southern Delivery System and de-fund the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“We’re OK with almost any of the City Council candidates, except the Bruce group. These people ... would destroy this city, and I don’t know one responsible business person who doesn’t agree with me,” said one of the 527’s organizers, speaking anonymously.

While the identity of the donors to the 527 has not been revealed, the same sources said that neither David Jenkins nor Chris Jenkins was among the contributors.

The Jenkinses, who haven’t yet contributed to candidates for mayor or City Council, spent more than $700,000 to create and pass the successful “strong mayor” initiative in the November election.

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