Coming soon: The Tomato Battle



Three hundred thousand pounds of tomatoes, and free rein to hurl them into a crowd. And booze, on-site. It's a food fighter's orgy, and its coming to Copper Mountain in June.

The Tomato Battle is a simple, but by all accounts brilliant idea, with a storied history.

Not really. Anyway, to play, buy your pass, sign a waiver, don sloppy clothes and a "good attitude." And you don't have to worry about wasting good fruit either, as the tomatoes are all destined for waste anyway, being overripe. (The website warns that for every angry e-mail on the topic, though, they will sacrifice 10 healthy tomatoes.)

For your chance at such a good old-fashioned fun time, buy your ticket here. (It's $40, which is a bit steep, but there must be some liability they've got to cover in here, somewhere.)

Dont know why these are all guys, but ladies are invited too.
  • Tomato Battle
  • Don't know why these are all guys, but ladies are invited, too.

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