New iPad 2 brings portable recording to the next level



Hides your husbands. Hide your wives. Hide your wallets.

Just when you were convinced you could get by without an iPad, Steve Jobs is at it again. At today's iPad 2 unveiling, the Apple innovator revealed new features that will have musicians salivating like B. F. Skinner's little lab rats.

It's bad enough that Apple will introduce a new Garage Band app, but did they have to come up with a way to use the iPad's new built-in accelerometer to give all its virtual pianos, organs and synths touch-sensitive keys? You can spend tons of money on a single synthesizer that won't have that. Combine that with ReBirth drum machines and tons of other high-end studio gear apps, and you might as well throw your traditional computer away right now.

There's tons more, of course. Endgadget has been doing some great live coverage of today's event, so you can check it all out here.

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