CSEA digs in its heels




No surprises here. The Board of Directors for the Colorado Springs Education Association voted last night to pass on the D-11 board's request to open negotiating meetings to the public.

Here's the press release, hot off the presses:

In an official meeting on Tuesday night, the Colorado Springs Education Association Board of Directors unanimously voted “to protect the integrity of the collective bargaining agreement between teachers and District 11, and safeguarding the future of children by keeping the negotiations private and closed.”
President Kevin Marshall expressed confidence in the vote of the CSEA Board. “I believe in the interest based process that we are trying this year, and look forward to working collaboratively with the District to complete negotiations of our collective bargaining agreement. It is my hope that with this question behind us, we can now begin focusing on kids and delivering the best education that we can for them by completing bargaining before the middle of May.”
The 1,600 member teacher organization has had a collective bargaining agreement since 1968.

Meanwhile, Boing Boing is reporting that the Americans for Prosperity-backed governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has locked out the public in favor of his own stooges.

For more on the situation in District 11, pick up tomorrow's Indy.

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