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Gay rights have taken another great step forward under the Obama administration, which has the religious right freaking out.

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I was driving back from an interview on Powers Boulevard this morning to this bastion of liberal heathenism, the offices of the Indy, and I was listening to some random AM Christian station. I hadn't really checked out the AM in this town, and I gotta say what I heard today is exactly what you'd expect out of Little Jerusalem.

The theme for the entire drive was gay marriage. How the gays getting married will lead to polygamy, the social acceptance of "sexual triadism" and a lot of other scary- (fun?-) sounding stuff. The rhetoric was over-the-top, comparing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to Adolf Hitler, while us righteous listeners were being warned to stand up against the tyranny or one day become a modern-day Niemöller: "First they came for their rights to marry, and then they came for my children."

And after this rant, floating over the bumper music, the recording of a sweet voice announcing the support of Focus on the Family ... and there you go.

So, then, why would it be of any surprise that Focus would be behind a slew of anti-anti-discrimination bills that are working their ways through state legislatures?

From the Colorado Independent:

Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family has drafted legislation for lawmakers in states around the country that would legally protect employers and landlords who turn away gay applicants based solely on the fact that they’re gay. In some cases, Focus on the Family legislation would nullify already-existing anti-discrimination laws meant to guard against discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender.

The article, which you ought read yourself, focuses on three bills — in Montana, Tennessee and Iowa — that, while differing on the specifics, are all geared to allow businesses the right to deny providing services based on what they consider religiously defensible bigotries.

It's like the 1964 Civil Rights Act never happened.

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