Lap dance club in hot water



PT's Appaloosa bar faces suspension of revocation of its liquor license after allegations of a third violation of liquor laws within the last three years.


Yesterday, El Paso County commissioners said due to the third violation, a lengthy hearing will be scheduled sometime before April 16, because the establishment stands to lose its license.

Two allegations are pending: One involves a customer who got into a fight with the bouncers, who let the guy leave with a beer in his hand. Liquor isn't supposed to be removed from the premises. However, the bouncers called police shortly after, which mitigates that offense, says county spokesman Dave Rose.

The second allegation involves serving an intoxicated customer, he says.

Those offenses are tame in comparison to the most recent violation, which took place in 2009. The club, which is owned by VGC Co Springs Inc., a Denver-based company that's publicly traded, was given a seven-day suspension after undercover police observed a customer groping a lap dancer.

The club is located at 5975 Terminal Ave., near Platte Avenue and Powers Boulevard, and has been open for roughly nine years.

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