Wisconsin solidarity rallies set for Saturday



It was bad enough when John McCain bellowed "We are all Joe the Plumber," but now MoveOn.org is saying "We are all Wisconsin."

Does MoveOn have any idea what that means? Have they ever endured sub-zero temperatures for weeks on end, witnessed 10,000-mile-an-hour winds and freezing rain as it forces people to crawl along sidewalks like insects, endured endless winters on nothing but cheese and beer?

That said, Wisconsin also holds the distinction of being the most populist state in the country, Russ Feingold's recent defeat nothwithstanding. So I for one will welcome our collective Wisconsinite status at the upcoming rally in Denver.

The Saturday noon demonstrations, which will be held at statehouses across the country, is in support of the protesters who continue to flood the Madison Capitol building in an attempt to preserve an obscure American tradition called collective bargaining.

They'll be held in all 50 states, so look around to see if you're in one of those states. And then come on out. Weather should be fine. Unless you're in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, click below to eavesdrop on an actual phone call between a faux David Koch and a real Gov. Scott Walker, followed by a brilliant prankster blast from the past.

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