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Tension! High stakes! Drama — lots of drama!

That's how people are characterizing the blog-off between City Councilors Sean Paige and Randy Purvis! (Not really.) Can the two dueling legislators — the only ones in city government, that we're aware of, with blogs — survive such a battle? Can either compete for the Indy's Best Blog award? Does the fact that Paige started his first give him any edge in the race to speak the truthiest version of events?

These, and more, we'll find out in the coming weeks as we enjoy Purvis' fairly new blog, Purvis at Large. Showing he's here for the long haul, the Councilor has even purchased his URL. Bold move, sir — bold move.

Here are his thoughts on the mayoral race:

Of the five contenders, it is likely that [Richard] Skorman will lead the pack, but fall short of the 50 percent necessary to win the seat outright. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, there will be a run-off election. Recent reports have Skorman’s campaign claiming the lead based on their own polling data, but denying they have a majority. One might expect them to continue doing tracking polls and hoarding their cash. Maybe a small media buy here and there, and doing whatever they can to keep the name in the news. But do not expect major media spending for now, unless they think they can get over 50 percent.

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