Rally to support Wisconsin workers



If you think Wisconsin public workers are getting a bum deal in an effort to whack their benefits, join local labor supporters at noon Tuesday on the steps of City Hall for a rally.

In an e-mail message, Chuck Bader, Colorado Springs Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO, says:

Merrifield: For labor.
  • Merrifield: For labor.

Right now, tens of thousands of workers, high school and college students, community members, religious groups and concerned citizens are turning out every day to protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attack on teachers, nurses, social workers and other public employees.

What's going on in Wisconsin is not an isolated event. An attack on workers' basic rights is sweeping the country, and we will stand together to ensure it doesn't happen here. The AFL-CIO is asking that workers around the country stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Wisconsin.

Local union leaders, former Rep. Michael Merrifield, who's running for a seat on the Springs City Council, and Democratic leader Christy Le Lait will speak in favor of defending workers' rights.

Watch firefighters support the workers in Wisconsin.

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