Paging modernity



This week, thousands of residents had their doorsteps littered by an antiquated service. No, not the Gazette — the Dex phone directory.

Contained in a thick plastic bag, oversized to the extent that you could probably bury the litterer inside it, are two phone books. At 600 pages and 1,000 pages, respectively, we'll refer to these books as "Waste" and "Mega-Waste."

Dexy ad: Stevie thinks, If it works for massage parlours... His newest client -- phone book companies.
  • Dexy ad: Aiming for the cash-strapped demographic.

Visit Dex's website, and you'll retrieve a number faster than can be done with Waste or Mega-Waste. Use that typewriter-looking device on your desk, or your cellular telephone, and no need to worry about paper cuts.

Also, visit a page on Dex's site (because they didn't want to weigh down the bags with this information) to learn how phone books can be recycled. Note: It does not suggest we collectively drop them on Dex office's doorstep.

Nowhere in the disgusting excess of Mega-Waste or kin does it alert the litter-bugged that they can opt-out of phone book delivery. This Independent article includes this link that lists numbers to call to end distribution at your place. Regarding Dex, it's 877/243-8339.

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