Baby palm cockatoos!



Because I can't get enough of this, I must share it.

A full-grown palm.
  • A full-grown palm.

C'mon, it's really cute. And if you have an environmentalist bone in your body, you'll appreciate it, too.

So, the news is: The Denver Zoo hatched two palm cockatoos recently, one on Jan. 18 and another just last week on Feb. 10. Palm 'toos aren't an endangered species by any means, but according to the zoo, their numbers have never been quantified. And as with any animal in this world, human encroachment and loss of habitat are concerns (though I'd say in the case of parrots, bad owners are almost worse).

Within the zoo system, Denver received recommendation to hatch palm chicks from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan, which "ensures healthy populations and genetic diversity among zoo animals."

I certainly have never heard of such a thing, but it does make sense, especially since palm 'toos are difficult to breed in captivity and hatch one egg per year in the wild. On the all-knowing Wikipedia, palm 'toos have one of the lowest breeding success rates reported for any species of parrot.

With that, I give you the babies:

Dont call them ugly, thats mean.
  • Don't call them ugly, that's mean.

Proof birds used to be dinosaurs.
  • Proof that birds used to be dinosaurs.

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