Councilor offers vote of confidence for assailed City Clerk



Kathryn Young
  • Kathryn Young

Kathryn Young has had a rough go of it recently.

Her City Clerk's office recently angered City Council candidate Lisa Czelatdko, reportedly ripping up forms in a display of what Czelatdko terms "poor customer service." This, on the heels of media and government scrutiny for stating that her job as city clerk was not to enforce campaign finance laws, but to make the information available to the public for their judgment, and allegedly incorrectly informing mayoral candidates — not to mention sitting Councilors — that they could accept corporate money.

Today, the Gazette even offered its opinion, stating that Young "should tender her resignation, or the Colorado Springs City Council should hand her a pink slip."

The days of inefficiency and belligerence at City Hall are hopefully coming to an end. We cannot move forward, rebuilding trust between taxpayers and city government by retaining city officials who shirk basic responsibilities, close their offices to the public, and treat petitioners as if they’re a burden.

So today, in an e-mail to the Indy, City Councilor Sean Paige offered Young some support in the area of campaign finance.

"I was operating on the assumption she was playing that role, given her diligence in overseeing every other aspect of campaign finance reporting, but that's the danger of making assumptions," Paige writes. "The confusion over this question was widespread, and apparently dates back many years, so I think it would be unfair to single-out Kathryn as the culprit. I think the episode does highlight a certain dysfunctionality in city government, stemming from an occasional lack of clarity about who is in charge of what, which I hope the next mayor and City Council will help address."

Look for more in this week's Independent.

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